Safety and Transportation

"You Need a Safety Committee"

By MaryGrace Johansen 
Director of Safety & Loss Control

Well, if you have 15 or more employees the NH Department of Labor requires you to establish a Safety Committee. The committee must have an equal number of employer and employee representatives and must meet regularly. They must develop and carry out workplace safety programs, alternative work programs, and continuing safety education programs for both employers and employees.

Aside from the requirements having a safety committee will benefit everyone

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Selecting a Certified Master Truck Driver

By MaryGrace Johansen 
Director of Safety & Loss Control

NHMTA’s Certified Master Truck Driver program is a prestigious program that recognizes the career driver who is a master of his craft; no other transport industry has a program such as this. These safe, experienced drivers are the industry’s role models, and anything that we can do to highlight the positive aspects of our industry is in every motor carrier’s interest…and in the long run, to its credit.

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Benefits of exercising for the professional driver

By MaryGrace Johansen 
Director of Safety & Loss Control

I know you’re thinking, exercise…who has time for exercise!

There may not be a lot of time for traditional exercising, but you can find time to stretch throughout the day.

While the average individual  may spend 1-2 hours behind the wheel getting to  and from work  the professional driver spends anywhere from 8-12 hour behind the wheel. With so much time spent driving there is a greater risk for the professional driver to experience a sore or stiff spine, neck, and shoulders.

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