• CSA and Maintenance violations
• Can you prove your driver can conduct a proper pre-trip?
• Are you using daily vehicle inspection reports?
• Record retention requirements
• Do you have a preventive maintenance system in place?
• Vehicle maintenance documentation

**Certificates of this training are provided**
2019 04 11 NHMTA Pre-Trip 4-11-2019

Reasonable Suspicion Training for HR, Managers, and Supervisors

2019 02 06 NHMTA Reasonable Suspicion 02-06-2019Reasonable suspicion training should be aimed at all supervisors, managers, and human resource personnel. In today’s environment, if you hire anybody, knowing what to look for in terms of a substance abuser is critical for the safety of your company and employees. While DOT regulations specifically require “all persons designated to supervise drivers” to receive 60 minutes of mandatory training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes on controlled substances abuse (49CFR §382.603), this DOT-required training will also be useful by reviewing a policy for other positions within your company not covered by FMCSA regulations and will give employers and supervisors the information they need to determine if an applicant is a substance abuser before hiring.




OSHA & FMCSA Rule Changes & Updates

What You Need to Know to Comply

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association, in cooperation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Occupational Safety Health Administration are presenting this informational seminar focusing on regulatory changes and how these changes will be enforced.

Featured will be a review of recent rule changes, including Drug and Alcohol Database requirements and ELDT.

Find out how these new and enhanced rules will affect you and your company.

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NHMTA Training Reminder

Hazardous Materials – Tanks

September 21, 8:30 – 12:30

Recordkeeping (How to Survive a DOT Audit)

September 28, 8:30—12:30

CMVR for Managers

September 28, 1:00—3:30

CMVR for Drivers

October 20, 8:30—12:30

GPS and Hours of Service

October 26 (stay tuned)

Maintenance Records and Pre-trip

October 27, 8:30—12:30

Reasonable Suspicion

November 2, 9:00—11:30

Recordkeeping (How to Survive a DOT Audit)

November 2, 12:00—4:00

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