NHMTA Master Truck Driver

Dear NHMTA Member:

Do you have an exceptional driver that you would like to recognize?

The Master Truck Driver Certification program is a prestigious program that is intended to recognize those drivers in your employment who have achieved a high level of professionalism through the safe operation of motor vehicles, and who you believe have exemplified the ideals of the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association and American trucking industry during their career.

Please take this opportunity to recognize your drivers who have achieved an exceptional safety record during their career (usually more than ten years). The total required miles or hours of driving time may be at your company and/or with a previous employer. Filling out a nomination form to recognize a driver who has served your company with distinction is the single act on your part that helps boost personal and company esteem, and also promotes our industry.

Each driver who is awarded this certification will receive a dignified plaque, a specially designed jacket and shirt from NHMTA. The presentations will be made in a special ceremony this fall at a time and location yet to be determined. In the past, we have invited the Governor to present the plaques to the drivers in the NH Executive Council Chambers in the State House. In addition, NHMTA publicly recognizes the drivers in our newsletters, on the cover of our NHMTA Annual Directory and website.

A nomination form is enclosed for your use, and there is no limit to how many of your drivers you can nominate. Nomination forms will be reviewed by a committee of experienced trucking industry representatives who are members of the NHMTA.

Please take a few moments to recognize those drivers to whom you feel are deserving of this prestigious certification. If you have any questions about the program or the criteria for application, please do not hesitate to call me at 415-8402. Additional nomination forms are available upon request. The deadline is AUGUST 1st.

Please see attached form for additional details.
2018 NHMTA Nomination form with cover letter