No really, it’s that stupid

Overdrive | Wendy Parker|January 06, 2017

I would suppose, in a mode of thought paralleling the driver training rule, that I’m at the very least a banking and tax professional, since I’ve demonstrated the ability to write a whopping tax check to the gubmint time and again. Oh, I’m also a fashion model, since I’ve demonstrated the ability to dress myself and walk in a straight line. Next thing you now, I’ll be a computer genius, because I demonstrate the ability to functionally use a keyboard. I should look into taking my medical boards, since I’m probably qualified to be a doctor and a veterinarian, because I can follow written directions on a medication bottle.

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Truck drivers led all occupations in workplace fatalities in 2015

 CCJ Staff | January 2, 2017

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers accounted for the most workplace fatalities of all occupations in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.  

In total, 745 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers died from fatal work injuries during the year, the census says. Total work-related roadway fatalities, not just those involving trucks, were up 9 percent in 2015 over 2014 to 1,264 fatal work injuries. Of this total, 629 of the fatalities involved a semi, tractor-trailer or tanker truck, the report states.

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Do you know an exceptional CMV driver?

Nominate him or her for CVSA’s International Driver Excellence Award.

As the leading organization overseeing the coordination of uniformity of commercial motor vehicle safety enforcement and regulatory compliance across Canada, the United States and Mexico, CVSA recognizes the exceptional careers of professional commercial motor vehicle drivers and their commitment to public safety through its International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA).

This annual award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond the performance of their duties as a commercial vehicle driver, distinguishing themselves conspicuously and beyond the call of duty through the achievement of safe operation and compliance carried out with evident distinction for an extended period of time. The nominated individual must be of personal character beyond reproach with no disqualifying past behavior, as indicated in the IDEA award criteria.

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NHMTA Member Directory

The New Hampshire Motor Transport Association Membership Directory is wrapping up soon! Our publisher, E&M Consulting is in the final stages of putting the directory together, and wanted us to reach out to all the members letting there is still time to enhance your listing or place a display ad. Please contact Tracy Gregory if you have any questions. As always, your support of the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association products and services is greatly appreciated!

Fleet Owner’s Top 10 blogs of 2016

Fleet Owner staff
Throughout the year, Fleet Owner’s editors produced a wide variety of blog entries on a range of topics, including what’s happening on the regulatory front, the latest technologies and equipment, transportation initiatives across the country, and this year, a new president and what his administration could mean for the industry. The following blogs were the most popular in 2016.

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